Hi There, I Am

Naresh Nil

Photography is my passion, and I can say that without a preamble. It has been huge influence on me and has definitely shaped my way of perceiving things. Interesting, considering that I wanted to join the army when I was younger, and was hence a part of the National Cadet Corps at school and also quite adept at rifle shooting. As I grew, I had to reconcile with the fact that my energies had to be redirected elsewhere, which is when I found photography.
A photograph in itself is incredible, it is a frozen moment and it has the power of bringing back memories, something which struck me while looking at an old photograph of my grandfather which I found in the house one day.  I started scouring the magazines and web pages for pictures, observed photographers, how they worked in various scenarios. Yet, I felt that photographs that spoke to me the most were the ones with people in them. That fueled my love for location portraits and people photography in general. I got the opportunity to hone my skills at the Light and Life Academy in Ooty, earning a post graduate diploma in professional photography, specializing in fashion, architectural and interior photography in 2011.  Ever since then, I have been on the move, working as a freelance photographer on diverse projects which have been highly challenging but very interesting as well.
My experiments with different cameras have also progressed simultaneously. What began with an automatic film camera, gradually reached my first professional camera, the Nikon F20. But the highlight so far has been the arrival of the Canon 50D into my life, and since then there has been no looking back. It is an extension of myself, the medium through which I look at life around me.
I believe that the essence of a good photograph lies in capturing all the aspects of a single place, using different frames, and bringing out the nuances.  Pushing the boundaries and redefining perceptions is what I have set out to do and my passion powers me.